Simple MP3 Cutter 1.0

Tool designed to cut MP3's up and pull specific pieces of audio out of your tracks

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    Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows 2003 / Windows XP

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Simple MP3 Cutter is a free and straightforward tool for cutting MP3 files down to the desired size.

It's an ideal solution for cutting MP3 files are just too long; fixing dead air at the end of a song; and extracting a particular section from a podcast. Simple MP3 Cutter is a focused tool that does one thing and does it well the first time. It’s also a freeware product, which means you don’t have to pay anything to use it, and can utilize this tool as much as you like and as often as you please.

Simple MP3 Cutter features both a text menu and an icon menu. To select an MP3 file to edit, simply click the Open option. It doesn’t support drag and drop, unfortunately. Once an MP3 is opened, the program will display its start time, end time and duration. To adjust the start time and/or end time, you have a few options. You can enter the value directly, use up and down arrows or use a slide bar. The slider can also be highlighted and then moved one tick at a time with your directional keys.

Once you’ve adjusted these values, a preview option lets you listen to the result before committing to it; trial and error are fine if need be. Choosing Output Settings will let you change the file name, file path, bit rate and other MP3 characteristics. When you’re ready, choose the Cut option to begin. The process is extremely fast and quite accurate and reliable. When finished, there’s a Facebook option as well, which is great for uploading podcast soundbites and the like to your wall.

Simple MP3 Cutter is very useful but not without issues. For one, it doesn’t support splitting or joining. Focused tools like this are a good thing, but this functionality is so closely related it feels like it should be included. Another issue is that it only handles one file at a time. Batching isn’t a much-needed feature in this scenario, but it would be nice to load a directory once and have ongoing access to those files.


  • Fast and accurate cutting process
  • Precise control over start and end time
  • Preview option


  • Cuts files one at a time
  • No splitting or joining

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